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The Africa Women Summit is more than an event; it is a movement that is shaping the future of Africa. We invite you to join our vibrant community of change-makers, where you can connect, learn, and collaborate with extraordinary women from across the continent. Together, we can create a continent where every African woman thrives, leads, and realizes her true potential.

Embrace the journey of empowerment and transformation with Africa Women Summit. Together, let’s rewrite the narrative for women in Africa and build a brighter future for all.

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Here are 10 compelling reasons to become a member of the Africa Women Summit:

Enjoy special discounts on tickets to our flagship summit and other events throughout the year. As a member, you’ll have access to preferential pricing, allowing you to save while attending enriching and inspiring gatherings.

Gain visibility and recognition within our vibrant community by having your profile featured on our dedicated community page. Showcase your expertise, achievements, and contributions, and connect with other influential members who share your passion for change.

Stand out as a trusted and credible advocate for women empowerment with a verified status badge. This badge affirms your commitment to the cause and enhances your professional reputation, opening doors to potential collaborations and opportunities.

 As a member, you will have the opportunity to join country official teams that represent our organization at regional and national events. This involvement grants you a platform to influence policy, advocate for change, and collaborate with government officials and key stakeholders.

 Unlock the chance to share your insights, experiences, and expertise by speaking at our events, panels, and webinars. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to inspire and empower others through your knowledge, contributing to the collective wisdom of our community.

 Connect with influential leaders, renowned experts, and like-minded individuals who are driving change across Africa. Expand your professional network, forge valuable connections, and cultivate relationships that can propel your career and initiatives to new heights.

 Get your message to our over 10,000 member database of women from across 40 countries, as we send out our monthly newsletter, this benefit is strictly for VIP members.

 Benefit from our mentorship program, where you’ll have the chance to be matched with experienced mentors who can guide and support you on your personal and professional journey. Gain valuable advice, learn from their experiences, and accelerate your growth as a change-maker.

Engage in collaborative projects and initiatives that address critical issues faced by women in Africa. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to actively contribute your skills, expertise, and resources to projects that create meaningful and sustainable change.

Stand out and be recognized for your outstanding contributions to women empowerment. As a member, you’ll be eligible for prestigious awards and recognition programs that honor your dedication, inspire others, and elevate your profile as a leader in the field. As a VIP member you are contributing extensively to our sustainability, and we will consistently appreciate your efforts in ensuring we have thriving women across the continent

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    Frequently Asked

    The Africa Women Summit is an annual summit that brings together a thriving community of women in politics, wives of Presidents in Africa, Visionaries, and global experts from different fields of human endeavour in order to share their stories, brainstorm ideas, and launch initiatives targeted at creating sustainable peace and development in Africa. The summit seeks to foster an environment where women have equal opportunities and platforms to participate, engage and influence policies at all levels without intimidation, hindrance, fear, and full support.

    Watch out for our news and information about our next program and events on our website and follow us on our social media handles for updates on how to register to attend any of our event.

    Yes, every participant will receive a certificate of participation.

    Yes, we have membership which is subject to registration. We have various membership categories and all with their unique benefits. For more information aboout our membership or send us a mail @


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