50 Most Influential Women in Africa 2024

Meet the 50 Most Influential Women in Africa 2024 and learn about what they do to earn this prestigious position.

1. Ngozi Okonkwo

Ngozi Okonkwo (a.k.a -Ngee) is a Speaker, Writer cum Author, Women/Child rights advocate, Habit instructor, Educational consultant, Executive Director of KRING Hospital and founder of Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative. She was a school administrator for 7 years before stepping down to work actively in the non-profit sector. Ngee established the Habit Workshop with the intent to create a better understanding of habits and their effects in building a successful life/business.

Ngozi also serves as an executive member in various organizations including the FATE Alumni community, of which she was the former General Secretary and is still a facilitator for their various programs. She is also the Assistant General Secretary for the Feast of Esther, Amuwo-Odofin branch. Simultaneously, she succeeded in maintaining her role as the executive director/chief ideation officer of KRING Hospital; as well as an educational consultant for prison and P.T.A outreaches.

Ngee is passionate about families and this is seen through her work in Keeping Marriage Alive Initiative (KMAI). KMAI is a habit shop established to meet the needs in marriages, family, and society. She has built a KMAI tribe of close to 1,000 active participants and has currently reached more than 1.3 million people through various projects, virtually and physically. KMAI currently operates in 5 states in Nigeria and just launched the United Kingdom(UK) community last year.

Additionally, Ngee and her husband have also written a book – 2 Sides of the Story (Couples Manual), used in several organizations and churches for pre and post-marital counseling. They have jointly created a Couples game board called the ‘The Alive Game’ and Family Alive Board game ‘FAB’ respectively, to reach more people and pass the message that the family is the production center and moral compass of the society.

Ngozi Okonkwo has bagged several awards for her impact in the family/marriage sector.

2. Dr Solange Swiri Tumasang

Dr Solange Swiri Tumasang is a Cameroonian, an educator, peace lecturer, social entrepreneur, leadership coach, gender and child protection advocate and philanthropist. She is the founder and General coordinator of the Network of women led CSOs in Cameroon (NEWOLEC) an organization regrouping over 100 women leaders of Organizations and has as objective the Socio-economic, professional and personal development of women. Through this network the lives of over 500 young girls have been impacted through empowerment initiatives and mentorship programmes. She is currently coordinating 50 women leaders who are mentoring young girls in the community on career choices, leadership, personal and professional development, entrepreneurship and community engagement

In 2020, she Dr. Tumasang Swiri Foundation which has been donating back to school material to over 1000 orphans and internally displaced children in Cameroon. Every year she organize Christmas parties for the vulnerable children in rural communities with her team. Last year she decided to embark on ending period poverty. Instead of donating sanitary pads, she has been teaching over 500 girls how to make sanitary pads. This initiative was carried out in Cameroon and also in Nigeria with a partner. She has empowered over 1000 women with skills to become resilient and end gender based violence.

Dr. Tumasang, also founded Kids for Kids Cameroon which is entirely dedicated to the welfare and protection of children. As part of her humanitarian gestures, she offers free medical consultations to vulnerable Cameroonians every year in domains such as physiotherapy, general medicine, cancer prevention etc. Her greatest initiative has been bringing together about 400 women in an awareness walk against breast cancer.

Dr. Tumasang has featured in both national and international media and blogs to address issues pertaining to women’s rights and advocate for better situations. She is an international conference presenter, published in scientific journals, reviewer, mentor, coach, peace lecturer with IWPG and HWPL, poet and mother. She is a recipient of many leadership awards like the winner of the WCRI grant, winner of the ECPR grant and winner of best female poet.

3. Rebecca Bestman – Harris

Rebecca Bestman – Harris is the Executive Director for the Life Development Relief Organization (LIDRO) based both in Liberia and the United States. LIDRO seeks the developmental enhancement and empowerment of women and girls. She is also the current President for a women’s group based in the United States, Dehcontee Sisters’ Group Inc. (DSGI). The DSGI addresses women’s empowerment and social facilitation. She holds double Masters’ Degrees from the Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School, National American University (NAU), Brooklyn Park, MN. 2018, MM with emphasis in Higher Education, and 2017, MBA with emphasis on Healthcare Administration.

Rebecca once served as Program Manager, for Step By Step, Inc., for four years. She engineered human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting and orienting, among others. She served as Administrative Manager at Devereux Adult Services, Berwyn, PA, USA, where she provided quality care and motivation to clients, and employees, among others.

Rebecca’s goal is to help develop and empower women and girls to play a bigger and viable role in Liberia. Are hobbies are: Reading, engaging others, swimming and adventure. Her area of experience is primarily in the field of human services and human development; coupled with the holistic empowerment of women and girls. Her skills include: Managerial and organizational capabilities, executive leadership and team player.


MARY KAMORE is the executive director and founder of M_OLIVES MENTORING. She is also a leadership and organizational development expert with over 15 years of experience in both for profit and non-profit organizations.

Mary in line with her passion established M_OLIVES MENTORING, an organization whose mission is to spur individuals, businesses and organizations to optimal performance through provision of Leadership and Strategic development support, Mentoring, Coaching & Business Advisory Services. Through M_OliveS Mary has served various organizations both Corporates, MSME’s and NGO’s.

Through M_OliveS Mary is impacting the world through mentorship. She is currently running the third cohort of mentors training program, a program that equips leaders, business owners, and other change makers with Mentoring and Coaching skills. Each cohort admits an average of 20 participants. She aims at training approximately 100 mentors per year.

Mary is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree in Business Administration (DBA)-Leadership and Organization Change at the United States International University (USIU)-Africa. Her research is on ‘Influence of Transformational Leadership on Team performance of the Cut flower Industry in Kenya’. She has an MBA in Strategic Management-Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), BA degree- Economics from Egerton University, Post Graduate Certificate in MSME Business Mentoring -Inoorero University (IU) and Royal Danish Embassy, Facilitative Leadership Development (FLD) by Mentors & Business Coaches International (MBCI)-Sweden and a Post Graduate Diploma, Human Resources Management -Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). Mary is a trained and certified Business mentor.

5. Barrister Elizabeth George

Barrister Elizabeth George is a highly experienced legal practitioner who has made significant contributions in the field of law and humanitarian work. She is principal partner of the Refuge Chamber, a prominent law firm, and the executive founder of Child Is Gold Foundation, a highly reputable Civil Society Organization in the city of Bauchi State, Nigeria.

Child Is Gold Foundation was officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on the 6th of June, 2018. Since its establishment, it has achieved numerous remarkable milestones in the humanitarian sector, particularly in areas such as child and women protection, education, climate-change, good governance, health, sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), empowerment as well as peace and security.

Barrister Elizabeth envisions a powerful and vibrant society where accountability is deeply rooted, and every individual is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to assume responsibilities. She is driven by a passion for justice and is at the forefront of advocating against domestic violence, sexual assaults, and other forms of gender-related violence. Working alongside her dedicated team, she has successfully handled over 100 pro-bono cases for indigent women and children in Bauchi State and throughout the North East Nigeria region. Her efforts have not only provided legal support but also facilitated the reintegration of these individuals back into society.

Notably, Barrister Elizabeth George is a Gender Action Learning System (GALS) household methodology expert. Through her expertise in this field, she has been able to use the GALS methodology to impact the lives of over 3,000 females and 2,000 males, excluding secondary and tertiary beneficiaries. By using this approach, she empowers individuals by imparting them with knowledge and skills needed for sustainable development and self-reliance.

Furthermore, Barrister Elizabeth George is recognized internationally as a strong advocate for Women’s Peace and Security which led to her being nominated to represent the Northern Women’s Right organization working on the women peace and security agenda at the women peace and security week, held in October, 2023 at the United Nations (UN) Head quarters, United States of America. As an ambassador for the UN resolution 1325, she actively promotes the rights and empowerment of women in conflict zones, working towards sustainable peace and security.

In the year 2020, Elizabeth George and her team partnered with the Bauchi state Government to implement their self sponsored pro-bono cases that brought about the decongestion of over 70 female inmates and 30 male inmates from the Bauchi state Remand home. Barrister Elizabeth George was also at the forefront of advocating for the domestication of the Violence against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPP LAW) as well as the Child’s Right Act in Bauchi State, Nigeria.

In summary, Barrister Elizabeth George is an exceptional legal practitioner and an ardent lover of humanity with a profound commitment to social justice who has sacrificed her time, resources, intellect and expertise to serve humanity. Through her work with the Refuge Chamber and the Child Is Gold Foundation, she has made significant strides in advocating for the rights of women and children, while also championing important causes like education, climate change, good governance, and peace and security. Her unwavering dedication and expertise continue to positively impact the lives of countless individuals, making her a highly respected figure in both legal and humanitarian circles.

6. Samkelisiwe Chunda

SAMKELISIWE CHUNDA (MBA) (PHD CANDIDATE) is the ounder and director AND DIRECTOR Business Website #SibayeniMetrofarming Contact No +27 79 789 6567 E-mail Sibayenimetrofarming@gmail.c om

Ms Samkelisiwe Chunda is the founder and executive director of Sibayeni Metro farming. She is an Environmental Specialist and Agriculture Consultant who dedicated her life in developing Agriculture Business projects and transforming the way of farming. In her effort towards making farming affordable and doable in cities, she founded Sibayeni Metro farming which she is using to empower entrepreneurs.

Samkelisiwe has contributed to women and youth empowerment and skills development through a biodiversity incubation programme for agriculture graduates business mentorship in South Africa. She is affiliated with International Networking Platforms such as thePan African Youth Leadership, Global Youth Leadership Network(GYLEN), African Women in Agribusiness Network(AWAN),Ubambano Women Entrepreneurship Forum, Township Economy Development Community of South Africa (TEDCOZA) and the Gauteng Environmental Education Forum(GEEF). Samkelisiwe believes in the success of the economy through youth and women empowerment, mentorship and upliftment using technology for food production.

Samkelisiwe Chunda is a recipient of many Awards, among them are Women in Food in Africa, and Presidential National SMME Awards 2024.

7. Nyimale Grace Alawa, PhD

Nyimale Grace Alawa, PhD, embodies the essence of impactful leadership and unwavering commitment to conservation and sustainable development in Africa. As a distinguished researcher, educator, and advocate, her journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and collaboration in driving positive change across the continent.

Her expertise in wildlife and biodiversity conservation is profound, rooted in her academic journey and extensive fieldwork. With a PhD in Ecology and Environmental Biology from Rivers State University, she has delved deep into the complexities of ecosystems, contributing significantly to the understanding of seasonal dynamics and biodiversity in agroecological landscapes. Her research publications, including those in esteemed journals like the International Journal of Biodiversity Research and Conservation Biology, underscore her scholarly excellence and invaluable contributions to the scientific community.

Beyond academia, Dr. Alawa’s leadership extends to the grassroots level, where she champions the rights of women and marginalized communities. As the Founder of Sustainable Actions for Nature (SAN) and a founding member of the Ogoni Women Economic Rebirth and Development Centre, she spearheads initiatives aimed at empowering women, advocating for gender equality, and addressing critical conservation issues. Her role as the Nigerian Chapter Lead for Women in Nature Network (WiNN) amplifies her impact, fostering networks of women leaders dedicated to environmental stewardship and community empowerment.

Dr. Alawa’s commitment to community engagement is exemplified through her extensive outreach efforts. As a mentor for the African Graduate Mentorship and Coaching Programme (AGMCP), she nurtures the next generation of conservation leaders, instilling in them the values of sustainability and social responsibility. Her involvement in climate workshops, biodiversity surveys, and awareness campaigns underscores her holistic approach to conservation, bridging the gap between academia and grassroots activism.

Dr. Alawa’s influence transcends borders, as evidenced by her participation in international conferences and collaborative projects. Her contributions to forums like the Biodiversity Convention in Switzerland and the INTECOL Congress in Geneva underscore her global impact and commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogue and cooperation in conservation efforts.

Nyimale Grace Alawa, PhD, stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, embodying the spirit of resilience, compassion, and excellence in her pursuit of a brighter, greener Africa.


Ms Vannie DJOUNGUEP is a sociologist, Gender Expert and Development Strategist with many years of industry experience. She is the Founder and Executive Director of ARA –Africa Resilience Association; a solidarity organization that works for gender justice, women and girls’ rights and environmental protection in Cameroon.

Ms Vannie is a promoter of Cocoa Biochar in Cameroon. This biochar is obtained from the recycling of cocoa pod shells by pyrolysis, and has proven its usefulness in the fight against climate change (long-term sequestration of carbon in soils for several years), agriculture (soil fertility, increased agricultural yields), water treatment (drinking water purification, sanitation, filtration), and gas and air treatment (purification, deodorisation).

She is the winner of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Prize for Women’s Contribution to Development, 11th Edition: Women’s Contribution to “Protecting the Rights of Girls”. She is also active in a number of international groups working to advance gender equality.

Ms Vannie is a member of many impact driven organizations around the globe. She is a recipient of many humanitarian awards.

9. Faith Flourish Ude

Faith Flourish Ude is a young changemaker from Cameroon; she is a trained midwife, but currently practicing as a SRH (sexual and reproductive health) lecturer at STEM HIGHER UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE Douala, Cameroon.

From childhood, Faith had always wished to care for women and children, this propelled her to enroll for the national medical exam in her country to become an OBS/GYN. After writing the final exam, it was not successful. Despite the setback, she did not relent in her efforts, instead Faith registered for another national exam to become
a midwife, today she is a midwife, providing care and support for women and young girls in Africa. Faith also holds a masters degree in reproductive health from Buea University, Cameroon.

Faith spends quality time at conferences, training, empowering and taking up
certificate programs. Aside from her lecturing job, she is a powerful menstrual health advocate & educator on social media. She has been able to build an online community where she reaches thousands of people, educating them on menstrual health and its management as well as self development.

Faith Flourish Ude is a powerful voice in Africa.

10. Dinah Elizabeth

Dinah Elizabeth Akwii is a women’s rights and gender equality advocate from Uganda. She was born into a family where women are married off before their 18th birthday. Through determination and strong purpose Dinah was able to overcome this family tradition.

Dinah has become a strong voice for women and girls across Africa. She is a tigress who has not only survived but is thriving. She holds a Masters degree in Management Studies, a PGD in Project Planning & Mgt, a BA in Education. She has undergone numerous life changing training on women sexual reproductive health rights, advocacy, and safeguarding, etc.

Dinah is the founder of many companies, among them are DEMIME Enterprises LTD, Business Associate AR Game changers consults Ltd. She is a Board member of Together Alive Health Initiative.

Dinah Elizabeth Akwii currently serves as Project Manager with Crossroads International.

11. Aruna Varsani

Aruna Varsani is a multi-award-winning transformational leader, seasoned educationist, climate change and sustainability champion, mental health and wellness champion, resource mobilization expert, community development enthusiast, and a seasoned serial entrepreneur. She is a celebrated menstrual equity champion and a rights defender of girls, women, and vulnerable groups.

Ms. Aruna has traveled across Kenya’s counties, including the very grassroots, to give girls and women reusable sanitary products while giving them menstrual health and hygiene information, linking the needy to potential sponsors, and voicing relevant issues for adoption in policy formulation. In addition, she is a humanitarian and philanthropist with excellent expertise in strategic stakeholder management, resource mobilization, and forging collaborative partnerships to achieve greater impact.

Ms. Aruna has almost 2 decades of diverse experience in education development both in Kenya and India, covering both private and public sectors. Packed with her professional training as a teacher and educationist, she founded two vibrant academic institutions in Kenya, the Montessori Plus Center Kindergarten Kenya, handling early education development and Montessori Plus Center College, handling higher education development from 2014 and 2015, respectively.

She also founded Together for Better Foundation; an organization handling the plight of students in Kenya’s public schools. She extended its reach to the larger East African countries like Uganda and Tanzania. The entity addresses community development challenges in health, including menstrual, reproductive, and mental health; education development with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center; creating climate change
resilience; and, generally, forging sustainable community development.

Ms. Aruna Varsani, a recipient of numerous awards, both local and international, is an inspiration to millions of women and girls in Africa.


BABYALE PROSCOVIA ARIMA is a Business woman, mother, wife, rotarian, orator and a self taught teacher with a great sense of humor. Her path to success has been marked by perseverance, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Born into a challenging environment, she faced adversity at a young age, having lost her father, the sole breadwinner of the family at an early age of 16. She faced immense challenges including the responsibility of providing for her 12 siblings with school fees, medical care, food and shelter as a child herself. She started doing odd Jobs while studying to support her mother and siblings.

Arima displayed remarkable strength, courage, and resilience because all her siblings have gone through school and can now stand on their own and support their families. Additionally, as the Director of Springs Nursery and Primary School Arua, Uganda. Arima has displayed remarkable leadership, resilience, and unwavering dedication, embodying the essence of excellence and compassion. Her journey as an educator is a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering young minds and transforming lives. In 2009, fueled by her passion for education and driven by a vision of excellence, she embarked on the formidable task of founding Springs Nursery and Primary School Arua, Uganda. With just one child enrolled initially, Her determination and perseverance were truly remarkable. Through her tireless efforts and unwavering belief in the power of education, the school flourished, and by the end of the year, it welcomed 30 eager young learners through its doors.

Despite the challenges she faced, Arima’s resilience and dedication never wavered. As a hardworking woman and a devoted mother, she balanced her responsibilities with grace and determination, inspiring those around her with her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her visionary leadership and innovative approach to education has been instrumental in shaping Springs Nursery and Primary School Arua, Uganda into a center of academic excellence and holistic development. As of 2024, the school stands as a testament to her unwavering vision and leadership, boasting hundreds of pupils, including some of those she personally cares and provides for with free education and basic needs as a gesture of appreciating God for what she has accomplished. She serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the community.

She has also supported young adults into stability as they seek employment by supporting them in starting business and advising accordingly how to go through the business journey. Her tireless dedication to nurturing young minds and fostering a culture of excellence has transformed countless lives and empowered many to reach their full potential. In addition to her role as an esteemed educator, she’s an orator who is usually called upon to advise the younger generation about life by different groups of people and is part of the mothers’ union group at her church which supports countless underprivileged people in the community.

BABYALE PROSCOVIA ARIMA inspiring journey, from humble beginnings to transformative leadership, serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment for women across the continent.


Fadila Fuseini is the Executive Director of Tiyumba Hope Foundation (THF-GH). She has dedicated the last 10 years of her life helping underprivileged women as a gender activist, Philanthropist and a youth advocate. Her support for women and children in rural communities in the Northern Region of Ghana has tremendously improved the lives of these vulnerable population. Although her focus has been in the rural communities through outreach initiatives, other regions outside the North have also benefited tremendously through the provision of basic necessities of life, medical assistance and improving sensitization programmes in rural communities.

Ms. Fuseini has lived her passion in helping people through her foundation, her work does not stop there. She is also a certified Nurse with several years of experience, she also holds Executive Diploma in International Healthcare Administration. She is currently a student at the University for Development Studies (UDS), pursuing BSc. Nursing. Her main goal has always been to improve the health situation of women, children and the youth in deprived communities and touring schools across the country, providing education on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), sex education, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), personal and menstrual hygiene, and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Fuseini has reached out to over 10,000 people with diverse assistance. Also, following the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations, she has touched many lives and improved initiatives in line with the dictates of the SDGs. With this mission at heart, she has helped feed the hungry, provided clothing to those in need including widows, orphans and the needy, free health screenings, free medical assistance, and so much more. Because of her great efforts.

Fadila Fuseini is currently the deputy communication officer for UnityNet Africa and Diaspora, Ghana Chapter, Council Advisory member of Dagbong Excellency Foundation, Formal Team Doctor of steadfast FC She also belongs to many networks that promote and speak against Sexual and Gender-Based Violence. She was recently recognized by Dinbian Magazine and media consult, Humanitarian Awards Global (HAG), The PL show in Accra etc. Currently, she is running a project by Plan International Ghana and Africa Women Development Fund (AWDF). She believes in partnership and collaboration so as to achieve the agenda 2030, leaving no one behind.

14. Hajia Mariam Iddrisu

Hajia Mariam Iddrisu is a remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to empowering girls and women in society. As the Executive Director of the Girls to Women Foundation, she has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals especially women and girls.
Hajia Mariam is a loving wife to Eng. Alhaji Mohammed Habib and a proud mother of six wonderful daughters. Her commitment to her family and her community is evident in everything she does.

Through various programs and initiatives, she provides educational opportunities, leadership training, and support systems that empower girls to reach their full potential. Her dedication and tireless efforts have made a significant impact on the lives of many, breaking down barriers and creating a path for success.

Hajia Mariam Iddrisu is a true leader, a champion for gender equality, and a driving force for positive change. Her unwavering commitment to empowering girls and women is an inspiration to us all. Through her work, she is shaping a brighter future, one where every girl has the opportunity to dream big and achieve greatness. With her passion to see girls and young women excel in life, she has initiated a TV program on one of the local TV stations (Sagani TV) called “The Feminine Story” where she host successful women from Northern Ghana to share their life changing story to educate, inspire, motivate, encourage and empower the general public.

Her organization Girls to women foundation is a women led Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with the prime interest of promoting the overall welfare of girls and women by empowering and creating spaces for them to live fulfilling lives and to overcome marginalization in society. The organization was born with the spirit to promote gender equality through education, skills development, leadership and governance with the aim of broadening the potentials of girls and young women towards their own socio-economic independence and to create a society in which women participate in all levels of decision making.


Amb.Dr. Janet Tayo Faremi, is an accomplished entrepreneur, businesswoman, social media sales and marketing strategist, skilled in negotiation, marketing management and a self determined business icon. She is a computer science graduate, who has passion for uplifting and empowering youth, women, and girls in all endeavors.

She has mentored over 5,000 young women in business circles and startups, scaleup and regularly speaks at entrepreneurship programs, in UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN ,KWARA STATE UNIVERSITY, KWARA STATE POLYTECHNIC ,INTERNATIONAL VOCATIONAL, TECHNICAL AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP COLLEGE (IVTEC) and many more institutions, she loves to speak with humor using her real life stories to keep her audience captivated.

In August 19, 2021, She became a youth ambassador with the WEST AFRICA ECOWAS YOUTH COUNCIL also got an award with the Nelson Mandela leadership award of excellence and integrity. She is the CEO of Ambassador Stores which specializes in wholesales and retail of general kitchenware, homeware and appliances which was founded by her in 2007. She is on a mission to help-driven start-ups, entrepreneurs and assist them to identify their talents and passion to profit and impact their world.

In March 2022, she won the 40 under 40 African Awards category of sales and marketing representing Nigeria in Accra Ghana. In April 2023 Janet was conferred with the Doctor of science Dsc in Business Management and Corporate Governance by the European American University Republic of Panama (honoris causa) for her outstanding contribution in the areas of entrepreneurship development, business management, empowerment, and leadership.

She featured in a documentary aired on DSTV titled OFFA on African magic Yoruba she was named among the successful females from OFFA town in Kwara State Nigeria.
She has collaborated with many brands and companies like TRADE LENDA, KWARA BUILD, NUJ, and Several Government agencies.

She has been featured in so many reputable televisions, magazines, newspapers and social media platforms, including NTA, Today’s woman, The Sun Nigeria, The Nation newspaper, The Guardian newspaper, Supreme International magazine, Ghana web, Kwara Tabloid Magazine, African Travel, The Street Journal and many more.
She’s also the present national coordinator of the AFCFTA young entrepreneur federation headquarters in Accra, Ghana.

Amb Dr. Janet Tayo Faremi has been recognized and honored with more than 30 awards both at local and international levels. She’s happily married with two wonderful children.


From a little girl who was regularly kicked out of class for unpaid tuition and basic school supplies to a global advocate for change. Rahel Randy as she is popularly called is a revolutionary figure in Africa’s empowerment scene, known for her diverse efforts across multiple industries. As a committed certified wife coach, women’s empowerment speaker, and author of five impacting books, three of which are available on Amazon, Rahel has a unique capacity to inspire and uplift people all over the world.

She is the Founder of Lead Girls Africa, an education and empowerment NGO based in Cameroon, she has launched initiatives that have changed the lives of many girls.
Through scholarships and the ingenious Red Dot Project, which offers sanitary pads to girls in need, she has addressed serious concerns impeding girls’ education and development.

In addition to her philanthropic endeavors, Rahel is the CEO and Managing Director of Raspowers Ltd., a dynamic supply service and bleach production company based in Douala, Cameroon. Her visionary leadership has catapulted the company to success while simultaneously creating jobs and driving economic growth in the area. Rahel’s impact extends beyond the corporate sphere, as she founded the Priceless Women Network, a lively non-denominational platform that empowers over 3,000 women. As a board member of Jangiccul, a microfinance institution in Cameroon, she is instrumental in promoting financial inclusion and entrepreneurship among women.

Her contributions have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by her recent recognition as one of the Top 100 Global Women Entrepreneurs of 2024 by the Global Woman Club. She has been the recipient of numerous awards, featured prominently in media outlets, and continues to be a sought-after voice on issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment. With her unwavering commitment to advancing gender equality and financial literacy, Rahel recently completed the UNITAR Advancing Gender Equality, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Literacy Training Programme, further solidifying her status as a driving force for positive change in Africa and beyond.
EBOT RAHEL EYONG is currently pursuing an MBA in Strategic Management at Fotabe University. She continues to inspire and empower women across Africa, leaving an indelible mark on the continent’s social and economic landscape.

17. Amb. Peggy Ijeoma-Ogu Chukwuemeka

Amb. Peggy Ijeoma-Ogu Chukwuemeka is the Executive Director of Parent-Child Intervention Centre (PCIC) an NGO based in Nigeria with focus on crime and drug prevention, mitigation of Gender based violence and good governance. She is a Psychologist, a researcher, a Child Protection Specialist and has authored four parenting books. Peggy has over 10 years experience on drug abuse prevention with a focus on the family, GBV and Good Governance. In the cause of her project implementations through her organization, she has partnered with organizations like, ActionAid Nigeria, Global Affairs Canada, USAID Nigeria State2State Activity, Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs (VNGOC), World Federation Against Drugs, WFAD, HEDA Resource Centre, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre, Kimpact Development Initiative – KDI, Nigeria Network of NGOs among several others.

Peggy is the World Federation Against Drugs (WFAD) deputy board member representing Africa, Nigeria Lead of the African Civil Society Forum on Drugs, and the Pioneer of Parents-for-Parents Network (P4PN) in Nigeria. This is a network of trained parents who volunteer to sensitize other parents in their communities and sphere of influence about the dangers of drug abuse and domestic violence. The outcome from the P4P network has been tremendous in the area of drug and substance abuse prevention among young people with a good record of mitigated domestic violence rate.
She is the Convener of the first ever National parents Summit and family support Award in Nigeria with the presence of the representatives from the National Orientation Agency, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, The Ministry of Education, and The Ministry for Gender and Social Development as well as parents, teachers, school owners, youth leaders, traditional rulers, religious leaders and Civil Society Organizations.
As a result of her tremendous work in family interventions she was awarded a Global Family Ambassador (GFA) by the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in 2019.

Peggy has presented her work in different global platforms like the 62nd and 64th CND Ministerial Round-Table Segments in Vienna Austria 2019, 2021 and 2023, as well as High Level Sections of the African Union Commission Zambia 2023 etc.

Peggy Ijeoma-Ogu Chukwuemeka is currently Consulting with CARING-HANDS TRAINING AND PLACEMENT SERVICES which is a ChildCare Providers and Caregivers Training and Placement Service centre based in Nigeria.

18. Soonita Kistamah

Soonita Kistamah is a dedicated advocate for women’s rights, education, and social justice in Mauritius. With a background in Education specializing in Early Childhood Development (ECD) and a passion for community development, she has devoted her career to creating positive change and empowering marginalized communities. She holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Azteca. Her doctoral dissertation delved into critical issues in education, exploring innovative approaches to addressing educational disparities and fostering inclusive learning environments. Through collaborative research and scholarly engagement, Soonita has demonstrated her ability to generate new knowledge, contribute to academic literature, and inform evidence-based practices in the education landscape in Mauritius.

Throughout her distinguished career, Soonita has held leadership roles in esteemed organizations, contributing significantly to the advancement of education and social development at national and regional level. Soonita spearheaded strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing educational policies, programs, and systems. She played a key role in formulating and implementing policies to improve educational access, quality, and equity for all learners. Her leadership and expertise have been instrumental in driving positive change within the education sector, ensuring inclusive and equitable educational opportunities for children from all walks of life, namely the most vulnerable ones. As an Education Consultant at UNICEF, Soonita provided technical expertise and guidance on early childhood development (ECD) and education programs.

She collaborated with national governments in Uganda and Burundi, NGOs, and other stakeholders to design, implement, and evaluate initiatives aimed at promoting holistic development and learning outcomes for young children. Through her advocacy and capacity-building efforts, Soonita has contributed to the advancement of ECD policies and practices globally. In her role as an Education Consultant for the African Early Childhood Network (AfECN,) Soonita worked closely with regional stakeholders to strengthen early childhood development systems and services across Africa through the establishment of national and regional ECD networks. She provided strategic guidance and technical support to member countries in developing and implementing ECD policies, programs, and interventions.

Her dedication to advancing ECD advocacy and capacity-building initiatives has been instrumental in promoting the well-being and development of young children in Africa. As an Education Consultant for the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada,Soonita contributed to research and knowledge exchange initiatives aimed at addressing educational challenges and promoting innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa. As an independent evaluator for IDRC, she played a pivotal role in evaluating research proposals from African researchers in a view to generate evidence-based solutions for improving education systems and outcomes in their respective countries. In addition to her academic and professional pursuits, Soonita is actively involved in grassroots initiatives aimed at empowering women and girls in her community.

Soonita Kistamah has been honored by being awarded the Grand Officer of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean (G.O.S.K) by the President of the Republic of Mauritius for her outstanding work in promoting accessibility to quality education to children in underserved communities in Mauritius and women’s empowerment. As a thought leader and change-maker, Soonita continues to be a driving force in the fight for gender equality and social justice in Mauritius and beyond. Through her tireless advocacy, she strives to create a more inclusive and equitable society where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and fulfill their potential.

19. Nyokabi

Nyokabi is a qualified lawyer, a human rights champion with interest in gender and social development. A serial founder and director in leading and innovative organizations. She specializes in gender, peace, security, leadership, and governance. She is a Social Accountability expert, gender and sustainable development consultant and a consultant for social and sustainable enterprise growth. She has had an opportunity to function at multiple levels in the past 15 years, with a proven track record of advocacy, legal practice, administration, Research, Policy Development, Resource mobilization, Fundraising, Project Management and Leadership.

She was nominated as Social Founder of the Year 2023 by SHE AWARDS. She is the Co-Founder of African Woman Global Network, a human rights organization working to promote access to justice. Nominated for startup of the year award in 2019. Co-Founder of Beyond Academics, an organization dedicated to shaping, changing, and transforming the lives of communities to build strength, stability and self-reliance to improve their quality of life. She serves as a Board member, Secretary to the board at Potable Water Initiative and has served as a Board Member, Secretary to the board at the Rotary Club of Lavington Jioni 2020-2022. Through her initiative Nyokabi has worked with State and Non-State actors, community leaders, community members, private companies, volunteers and interns.

Nyokabi has been involved in reform Initiatives which entailed programmes within the youth and gender departments, was a member of the Technical Working Group that worked on the Nairobi County Youth Policy 2021, member of the Technical Working Group working on the Nairobi Gender Policy, Legal Committee member at commonwealth business women, Policy Member at Inua Dada Initiative, Collaborated with a team of 40 in the development and deployment of Kenya for UNSC Campaign which successfully delivered the coveted UN Seat for Kenya for 2021-2022 period.

20. Abigail Sandala|MBA|PMP|PRINCE2|PMI

For over a decade, Abigail has spearheaded impactful projects across various sectors, leaving a lasting mark on her nation and the global project management landscape. Recognized among the 50 Most Influential Project Managers alongside luminaries like Marcus Rashford, Abigail is a true leader, driving innovation and empowering others.
Awarded PMP and PMI-ACP certifications, Abigail is a PMI luminary, guiding future generations as a TEDx Speaker Coach and Project Management Consultant. Her dedication extends beyond professional excellence. As a mother of three, she champions inclusion for children with intellectual disabilities, envisioning a world where everyone thrives.
Abigail’s expertise spans diverse domains. She coordinated crucial Universal Access Projects with ZICTA, managed the delivery of Zambia’s first Nutanix Hyper Converged Infrastructure, and designed the nation’s first in-house Digital Curriculum Content Development Project. Her impact transcends borders, as seen in her participation at the PMI Africa Conference, PMI Angola Conference, and PM4theWorld Charity Conference.
Abigail Sandala epitomizes the pinnacle of project management excellence, embodying a unique blend of leadership, innovation, and social responsibility. With an impressive array of qualifications including an MBA, PMP, PRINCE2, and recognition as a PMI Future 50 Honoree, Abigail stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring project managers worldwide.
Over the span of her illustrious career, Abigail has not only delivered impactful projects across diverse sectors but has also pioneered groundbreaking initiatives that have redefined the global project management landscape. Her recognition among the 50 Most Influential Project Managers underscores her profound influence and leadership prowess, placing her in the esteemed company of visionaries like Marcus Rashford.
Abigail’s expertise transcends boundaries, as evidenced by her instrumental contributions to various international conferences and projects, including those in Zambia and Angola. Whether she is spearheading Universal Access Projects or revolutionizing digital curriculum content development, Abigail’s unwavering dedication to excellence and positive change leaves an indelible mark on communities far and wide. She not only inspires through her accomplishments but also empowers future generations through her role as a TEDx Speaker Coach and Project Management Consultant, ensuring a legacy of impact and innovation for years to come.


Phyllis Chepkemboi is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Commissioner of Oaths and a Notary Public of over 15 years standing. She is the Managing Partner at C. P & A Advocates, a law firm based in Kisumu City in Kenya. She previously worked as Head of Legal and Compliance in a State Corporation and a leading commercial bank with footprints in East Africa. She holds a Master of Business Administration with a bias for Human Resource Management from Maseno University, Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Moi University She is a trained certified mediator. As far as law practice is concerned she has specialized in Commercial Law particularly on Cross –Border Trade, Contracts, Procurement, Conveyancing, Employment Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
She is a lead trainer of Good Corporate Governance for WASH sector in Kenya.

Phyllis is passionate about using her legal skills and expertise to make a positive impact in the society and deliberately contributes to the strategic direction and oversight of several institutions where she chairs the Board or sits as Board Member. She is a Council Member of Alupe University in Busia-Kenya. At AU she chairs the Audit & Risk Committee as well as the Disciplinary Committee and is a member of the HR & Administration Committee. She is the Chairman of Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KIWASCO) where she previously chaired the Human Resources, Legal and Corporate Affairs Committee and was a member of the Risk and Audit Committee. She is a Board member of Green Zone Kenya, a non governmental organization that empowers orphans and widows affected by HIV/AIDs and advocates for their welfare and dignity.

Phyllis Chepkemboi is on the advisory board of WISE-KENYA a non for profit organization that works with women and young people within the Lake Victoria region to build sustainable businesses that contribute to profit, people and planet. She sits on the Board of FIDA-KENYA representing western region of Kenya. FIDA-K is a non-profit , non -partisan membership women’s rights organization that defends women at the national, regional and international levels.

22. Imade Bibowei Osuobeni

Imade Bibowei-Osuobeni is a globally acknowledged policy advisor and advocate for an inclusive digital economy. She is a member of the eTrade for Women initiative, championed by the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development. Imade is also the visionary founder of Tech Herfrica, a social impact organization striving to break the cycle of poverty for women and girls in rural and underserved communities in Africa through digital and financial inclusion. In addition to spearheading the creation of an e-commerce solution called HerLocalMarket, which connects rural female farmers and traders to buyers, Tech Herfrica aims to empower these women to sell their products at fair prices, reduce food waste, overcome poverty, and integrate into larger societal frameworks.

The organization facilitates access to local technology, conducts digital financial literacy programmes in indigenous languages for rural women, and ensures access to mobile phones, non-interest finance, health, and agriculture insurance, and micro-pension plans for financial stability and well-being. Through its e-commerce initiative, Tech Herfrica has boosted the income of beneficiaries by an average of 56.6%, facilitating millions of naira in trade. Acknowledging the significance of digital connectivity, Tech Herfrica has distributed feature-rich and internet-enabled mobile devices to over 300 rural women. These devices empower beneficiaries to access market prices, monitor weather conditions for planting, engage with markets, and communicate with peers, transforming their ability to participate in trade and agriculture. The organization’s focus on mobile-enabled voice features ensures inclusivity, allowing women who cannot read or write to interact with their devices effectively.

Her leadership, supported by a vibrant and robust team, has earned Tech Herfrica prestigious accolades, including the 2023 SDG Digital Game Changers Award in the People Category from the United Nations International Telecommunications Union and the Impactful NGO Award from the Iconic Brand Awards. Imade Bibowei-Osuobeni’s contributions extend beyond social development. She was recognized for her work with the Government of Nigeria as one of the top 100 under 40 most influential people of African descent in 2023 in the Politics and Governance Category, commemorating the International Decade for People of African Descent proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.

Imade’s numerous awards include the African Woman Industrialization Award (2022 Women of the Year), the FIST Africa Award for Social Development, the 2023 Global Women in Leadership and Business Award, the Visionary African Woman Award from the Lilian Ike Foundation, the Women Empowerment Champion Award from CSR Reporters, and the 2023 Business Leader of the Year from The Icon Brands Awards. Imade continues to inspire as one of the top 100 inspirational Nigerian women, a recognition she earned on 2024 International Women’s Day. Her multifaceted efforts embody a commitment to advancing digital equity, empowering women, and creating positive societal impact.

23. Paulette Fortes Sanchez

Paulette Fortes Sanchez, Operations Director of Generation Amazing Foundation, the leading human and social legacy initiative of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Paulette moved to Qatar 12 years ago to support the delivery of the greatest World Cup of all in 2022.
Generation Amazing (GA) uses the transformative power of football as a tool for social development to empower and upskill youth in Qatar and internationally.

Her African heritage (Senegal and Cabo Verde) is a driver in everything she does. Paulette is passionate about the talents in Africa and believes that, as Africans, it is our duty to provide the Youths with the appropriate tools to reach their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

With over 20 years’ experience in the public and private sector, her role is instrumental to the development and implementation of GA strategy and deployment of programmes in Qatar and across continents. Teaming up with institutions like the United Nations, FIFA, the IFRC, Football ambassadors (Samuel Etoo, Claude Makelele and many more) and NGOs both locally and internationally, she successfully supported GA’ s engagement in over 75 countries including Rwanda, Senegal and Uganda, reaching over 1 million young people. She worked with the team that built infrastructures and developed programmes to provide the Youths with the necessary skills to develop.

Paulette Fortes Sanchez holds a master degree from Ecole Supérieure de Gestion (ESG), Paris, France, a Certificate in Football Management from UEFA and Universite de Lausanne, Switzerland and a diploma in Sciences, Paris, France.

24. Toun Okewale Sonaiya

Toun Okewale Sonaiya is a highly accomplished media personality, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women Radio 91.7 FM, the sole radio station in Nigeria that focuses on women and their families. Moreover, it is the only commercial radio station in Africa specifically tailored to the needs of women. With over three decades of active broadcast experience in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, Toun stands out as one of the most influential women in journalism in Nigeria, earning her a well-deserved place in the Nigerian Hall of Fame.

Toun is a fierce advocate for gender equity and has been pivotal in amplifying women’s voices and advocating for anti-corruption and accountability campaigns in Nigeria. As a UN Women Training of Trainers Consultant on Women’s Political Leadership, Toun has significantly contributed to empowering women in leadership roles. She is also a member of the High-Level Advisory Committee on Women’s Economic Empowerment and Gender in Nigeria, a United Nations Ambassador for Women, and a member of the African Women Leaders Network.
She has founded several initiatives to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment, including the Women in Radio Development (WINRAD) network which supports the career development of women working in radio, boasting 246 members. She also played a vital role in establishing the Women Radio Centre (WRC), the first female academy offering free full-board residential training to women in media. Under her leadership, Women Radio has trained Nigerian journalists on positive reportage of women in politics and conducted media engagements to increase the visibility of female politicians.

Toun’s accomplishments under her leadership include securing five additional radio licenses to operate in Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones, organizing the annual Voice of Women (VOW) Conference & Awards, hosting interviews with prominent figures such as released Chibok girls and families affected by kidnapping incidents, and collaborating with international media outlets like the BBC on impactful documentaries.

Through the Women Radio platform, Toun continues to advocate for women’s inclusion in leadership positions, condemn violence against women and girls, promote economic empowerment, and push for law reforms to advance gender equity. Her dedication to empowering women and fostering positive change has left a lasting impact on Nigeria’s media landscape and beyond.


Yil is a Humanitarian and a fast-rising Producer/Filmmaker from the beautiful city of Jos, Nigeria. She has a flare for creativity and diversification which drove her into working behind the scenes changing lanes from acting to filmmaking. She is a well-known humanitarian and activist back at home, her big heart and passion for social justice led her to found a non-governmental organization called Saphira Global Center for Social Development where she focuses on rendering basic humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups across different communities regardless of religion or social affiliation.

She has over the years been focusing on improving the lives of vulnerable groups such as widows, IDPs, Orphans and victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Interventions such as free medical aid and provision of relief materials, and psychosocial support for IDPs. Widows who are not displaced but financially incapable of taking care of their families get to benefit from the financial literacy training and are given small grants to start up small scale businesses to make them economically empowered and give them financial stability. Young girls are given platforms to undergo mentorship under her tutelage on leadership and career development.

As an activist, she has organized and participated in countless peaceful protests and demonstrations against bad governance, police brutality, rape, insurgency and injustice.
Away from community development, Yil is a professional film producer and as a creative, she uses her craft to tell compelling stories that are relatable to societal happenings.

She has worked on different film projects after getting her start on well-received and highly successful projects for giant media houses like EbonyLife TV Multi Choices’ Africa Magic, with stories like a compelling TV Drama focusing on the effects of the insurgency and set in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, produced by Watershed Entertainment with support of the North East Regional Initiative (NERI). With several productions to her reels, showcasing her ingenuity and leadership prowess, Yil’s profile as a producer and filmmaker has been on a steady rise.

She went on to work on projects like “Sowing Hope,” a widely talked about documentary film about a real life Imam who gained wide recognition and was highly celebrated for hiding about 300 Christians in his mosque, putting his life on the line when the insurgents threatened to kill them in Nghar village of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, of Jos Plateau State. It was produced with the support of the American Embassy in Nigeria. She has also worked on many media projects for international donor agencies like Save the Children (SC), Oxfam and International Regional Committee. She has worked mostly on projects centered on women-affected issues like maternal health, nutrition and safety in areas affected by insurgency and conflicts.

As part of her training, Yil has also been a participant and one of the winners of a small grant film fund from the Mac Arthur and Equal Access International organized training for enablement in the area of production of anti-corruption themed films. These and other workshops have also helped to keep her in touch with new artistic visions and production techniques, something she is always interested in. She contributed to a short film contest on combating Trafficking in Persons in Nigeria, under a short film competition organized by The International Organization for Migration (IOM) as a Supervising Producer of the film entry titled ‘From a single city’ as a voluntary contribution to support and encourage emerging filmmakers.

Yil also partners with countless NGOs to bring help to women and children from various sections of the society, through Saphira Global Center for Social Development, the humane organization she helped found. She is currently the CEO of Film Content Media House Ltd. She is quickly rising through the ranks to where she is as one of the finest emerging female film producers in the entertainment industry today. As a team player and a nation builder, she belongs to some notable Associations and networks and has a number of awards, nominations and recognitions to her name.

26. Clarice Wambugha Mwakazi

Clarice Wambugha Mwakazi is the Founder of Global Women Impact Foundation (GLOWI): This is an organization that deals with women empowerment and girl child support in the society, through education, mentorship, empowerment programs, awareness campaigns, and business forums. GLOWI has impacted over 1000 women and girls.

Clarice is a transformative figure in Africa, embodying empowerment and progress through her dedication to uplifting women and driving positive change for the last one year for the Coast region. As an Entrepreneur she is the founder of Mas Uniform Centre, dealing with school and staff uniforms, corporate wear, safety and protective gears, creating job opportunities for women and girls, while offering free training in various skills such as; sewing, tailoring, embroidery, design, customer service, sales, leadership, and personal development.

She is also in the hospitality industry running Al Marisa Caterers Limited, this business has not only generated jobs for both women and men but has also created seasonal employment opportunities, benefiting the youth especially during events in Mombasa and Nairobi. Her commitment extends beyond entrepreneurial endeavors. She actively engages in community development through volunteer work with the Agricultural Society of Kenya and is a member of Women in Business, a platform dedicated to fostering economic independence and entrepreneurship among women.

Clarice Wambugha Mwakazi strongly believes that when you empower a woman you have empowered the world.


Mercy Odondo is an award winning Human Rights Defender, Actress, passionate community servant, Equitas alumni of year 2016, YALI RLC Fellow 2020, Trainer of Trainees, The Founding Director of Gender Dialogues KE, The Kenya Annual Human Rights Debate and Mercy Odondo Unplugged. Mercy uses art and dialogues to condemn sexual and gender based violence by providing safe spaces for adolescent girls and young women, with an intention to keep them safe from all forms of violence.
Greatly inspired by Wangari Maathai’s courage, passion and resilience, Mercy has been featured in Brave Campaign by Amnesty International Kenya, One Vibe Africa documentary (Made in Kisumu, episode 9), Hear My Voice; Women’s Network and Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world, a campaign by OHCHR, within the framework of the African Union Women, Gender and Youth Directorate, OHCHR, UN Women, UNFPA, UNICEF and UNHCR in 2021.
Over the last 10 years, Mercy, through her initiatives, uses theater, debates, dialogues, community organizing and social media platforms to reach out to adolescent girls and young women. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, Mercy reached over 2000 adolescent girls and young women with information, services, linkages and dignity kits in regards to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Sexual and Gender Based Violence, through partnerships with organizations like UNFPA, Talanta Africa and Plan International. She believes that, because periods don’t stop during pandemics, every girl and young woman deserves more than visitation and sorry things will be an okay kind of consolation.
Mercy has also, through her social media platforms, been consistent in awareness creation on ending period stigma and poverty, ending sexual and gender-based violence, training, creating safe spaces and documentation of SGBV cases in regards to adolescent girls and young women in Kisumu County and beyond.
Mercy Odondo goal’s is to use her skills, talent, knowledge, experience and exposure to end sexual and gender-based violence by creating safe spaces, community training and theater performances with an objective of keeping girls and women safe from all forms of violence. Mercy has received several awards like the Safe Space Champion of the year 2018 award, the Golden Women Awards 2019, the Community and Human Rights Awards under the Apostles Hayford Alile Humanetria awards.

28. Mokwe Welisane Nkeng

Mokwe Welisane Nkeng is a Cameroonian philanthropist, Gender advocate, Journalist and Diplomat. She has under her belt a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea, a Master’s in International Communication and Public Action from The International Relations Institute of Cameroon – IRIC, another Master’s in International Relations with a specialty in Diplomacy still from IRIC. She is presently rounding off a Doctorate in International Relations at the Geneva School of Diplomacy in Switzerland.
She is the founder and CEO of the Welisane Foundation. For the past 6 years, through her Foundation has Carried out Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns in the US and Cameroon, Offering Free screening and treatment to thousands of women and the breast cancer Walk which mobilizes millions of people every year. In a bid to fight period poverty, she has donated over 10 Thousand Menstrual Hygiene Dignity Kits to IDPs and Refugee girls in Cross River State Adagom Refugee Camps, Okende Camp in Nigeria and Minawao in Cameroon over the past 4 years. She created the International Menstrual Hygiene Coalition for greater impact.
Mokwe has sent over 2000 displaced girls and girls with disabilities by the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon back to school through her One Girl One Dream project. This includes tuition fee, didactic materials and psychosocial support. She is championing a free leadership programme and campaign for girls named Let Girls Lead NOW for African girls to build leadership mindset and skills in girls. Through her project SMILES, she fights maternal mortality in War settings by providing birth kits, mobile clinics and education to pregnant women.
Mokwe Welisane Nkeng through her work seeks to empower Girl Child and Women by providing access to resources and removing impediments to reaching their optimum potential.

29. Sonia Mubiaelelwa

Sonia is the founder of “The Great Facilitator”. This is a social enterprise that specializes as a bridge builder for early stage entrepreneurs and startup founders in Namibia through design process and innovation. She has over 10 years extensive experience and skill in community development and creation of long term sustainable programs and projects.

Sonia recently won an award as “Startup Ecosystem Builder of the Year Award” by the Africa Startup Ecosystem Builders Awards in December 2023 for her work in being an integral part of building the startup ecosystem Namibia. She is very passionate about upskilling, training and development of citizens and she has made it her life’s work to be a vessel of knowledge, skill and capability to those in need of her services. She has worked with over 100 founders of startups, SMEs and NGOs in her enterprise. The main training she offers are in the areas of startup and entrepreneurship development, investment readiness, design sprints, workshops, tech hackathons, seminars and conferences.

Sonia has collaborated with local businesses such as Nedbank Namibia, she has also worked as a licenced facilitator and community leader for Techstars USA, as an expert in the field of entrepreneurship design and development, finally she was part of an Estonian funded Future Business Leaders program where she served as program mentor/leader for the winning team who were participating as early stage business leaders in tech.

30. Dr. Manka Rosaline

Dr. Manka Rosaline is a Cameroonian and holder of a PhD in OHADA laws, a lawyer by profession and specialist in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), a member of the Bar training Commission of the North West Region and lecturer in the Higher School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) from 2017 till date she has been imparting pupil magistrates with ADR techniques.

She was appointed a member of the Inter-Ministerial and Prime Ministerial Commissions charged with the examination of issues raised by Anglophone Lawyers of Cameroon in 2016. Her ADR skills propelled me to the position of chairperson of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Diocese of Bamenda. Heading this commission, she has been able to resolve many disputes amicably thereby contributing enormously to peace building in the Diocese of Bamenda and reducing the case load in her courts

Dr. Manka economic development of the woman and the girl child led her into entrepreneurship. She created an association in 2018 known as, Once a mum, Always a Mum (OMAM) Cameroon with over 50 women engaged in agricultural transformation and production of cosmetics. The association came out as the best exhibitors at the Commonwealth exhibition of 2021, 2022 and 2024.

Dr. Manka is the president of She Trades Cameroon Outlook Network with over 500 women entrepreneurs whose goal is to hit the international market with home made goods. Import substitution is one of its priorities. As President of She Trades Cameroon Outlook Network, she has been able to organize training workshops with the women to improve the quality of their products and packaging, and how to access the international markets.

31. Lilian Oluoch-Wambi

Lilian Oluoch-Wambi is a renowned lawyer whose commitment to serve her community comes before her love for justice. As the Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution at Oluoch Kimori Advocates, Lilian has over 13 years of expertise. She has not only achieved professional success, but she has also developed into a symbol of hope for those in need.

In 2023, Lilian Oluoch-Wambi clinched the Coastal Lawyer of the Year Award. This highly coveted recognition celebrates legal practitioners who demonstrate exceptional skills, professionalism, and dedication to advancing the legal profession in the coastal region of Kenya. Lilian’s company, Oluoch Kimori Advocates, won the Women in Business awards’ Legal Service Provider of the Year Award 2023 in recognition of its efforts to promote a more diverse legal sector. This recognition highlights the company’s dedication to assisting and empowering women in the legal profession, hence promoting a more equitable and representative sector.

Lilian’s influence goes beyond her formal positions. Especially her initiative in setting up the “Greening Justice Summit” which drew together interested stakeholders both locally and internationally to discuss important environmental law matters, encouraging discussion and constructive change-related action. As a mentor, she demonstrates her commitment to developing the future generation of legal professionals. Lilian has been chosen to represent the Mombasa Law Society in a child justice summit hosted by the University of Nairobi, and she also actively teaches advocacy skills to students at the university. She continues to encourage and mentor young attorneys through her mentoring programs, giving them the tools they need to positively impact their communities.

In addition to her work obligations, Lilian is an ardent supporter of numerous causes. Through her participation in the Pwani International Fashion Week Awards (PIFWA), she encourages women in the fashion business by using her platform to elevate their voices and advance inclusivity and diversity. Lilian takes on several responsibilities in her pursuit of justice and harmony among lawyers in order to close the divide between the bar and the bench. She makes sure that shared goals are achieved and cooperative efforts are maximized as convener of the Environment and Land Court Committee, the Employment and Labor Relations Committee, and the secretary of the Mombasa High Court Pro Bono Committee. Lilian Oluoch-Wambi represents what it means to be a great legal leader with her commitment to mentoring, advocacy, and community involvement. Her unwavering pursuit of justice and the empowerment of others will inspire and provide hope for future generations.

32. Alice Ruhweza

Alice Ruhweza is a Global Thought leader and International Development Expert with over 25 years extensive experience working at the intersection of Climate Change, Development and the Environment across multiple continents. She is currently the Senior Director for Global Policy Influence and Engagement at the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF International) where she works to ensure WWF and partner’s thought leadership and best practice continues to be highly influential and proactively shapes and informs the sustainability agenda and key policy directions in Africa, Asia and Europe.
Before she took on this role, she was the Africa Region Director where she led WWF’s US $130 million a year Africa portfolio comprising 14 countries and over 600 staff. Prior to joining WWF, Alice was Vice President of Programs and Partnerships with Conservation International, where she led a science-policy interface which provided data and diagnostic tools to help inform agricultural decisions and monitor outcomes around the world. She was also the Team Leader and Technical Adviser for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)’s Global Environmental Finance Unit where she led a team of technical advisors supporting 44 countries to attract and drive over US $1 billion public and private finance towards their sustainable development priorities including Climate Mitigation and Adaptation; Sustainable Finance; Sustainable Energy for All; Nature Based Solutions to mention a few.

She has also previously worked as a consultant for the UNFCCC (Bonn), the World Bank Environment Department (Washington DC), the Foundation for International Law and Development (UK), the Institute for European Environmental Policy (Brussels), to mention a few.

Alice Ruhweza holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Economics, and Certifications in Leadership from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government; IMD Business School in Lausanne Switzerland; Oxford University, Said Business School and has attained the United Nations System Mastermind in Sustainable Development Leadership. She sits on the Board of the CGIAR; a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on the Future of Nature and Security; Co-chairs the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Aquaculture 2030 Working Group; and is a member of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Scaling up Sustainable Finance in Low- and MiddleIncome Countries (LMICS). She is a Senior Fellow of the Aspen Institute’s New Voices Program: a Henry Arnhold Conservation Fellow; and a fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar. She is also an International UN Gender Champion and a staunch advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

33. Dr. Isata Mahoi

Dr. Isata Mahoi is the current Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs of Sierra Leone; a towering figure in the fields of gender equality and social reform. In this capacity, she serves as the impetus behind numerous national programs that break down barriers, promote diversity, and give women and girls more power throughout the country. With a strong academic background that includes a Master’s in Development Economics from the University of Rome and a PhD in Economic Policy from the prestigious Catholic University of Milan, Dr. Mahoi is a tenacious supporter of social justice and sustainable development on the African continent.

Dr. Mahoi has used her experience to skillfully incorporate gender issues into development plans both locally and globally during her remarkable 17-year career. She had the opportunity to influence significant initiatives during her time as a consultant in the Social Development Department at the World Bank, where she worked closely with the team to prevent gender-based violence and integrate social protections. Through her tactical interventions, she has made certain that gender concerns are not only appendages but rather essential components of the framework of development initiatives.

As a distinguished lecturer at the University of Makeni and the University of Sierra Leone’s Institute of Public Administration and Management, Dr. Mahoi has made a lasting impression in the esteemed halls of academia. She teaches essential modules like Public Sector Development and Research Methodology here, imparting priceless knowledge while reviving evidence-based policymaking using her quantitative and econometric analysis skills. Beyond the professional and academic spheres, Dr. Mahoi remains steadfast in supporting grassroots activity. She has been a regional advocate for gender-sensitive conflict resolution and peacebuilding tactics thanks to her enthusiastic participation in programs led by the West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANeP). Her personal activities as a female farmer and mentor to other women leading self-help organizations demonstrate how far her leadership reaches. She creates a conducive environment for societal transformation by advocating for practical woman empowerment and living it.

Dr. Mahoi has significantly impacted national and regional platforms, as seen by her repeated recognition as one of Sierra Leone’s most prominent women. Her relentless dedication to social justice and equality is a resounding voice, highlighting the critical role that inclusive policies and focused initiatives play in paving the way for long-term peace and sustainable development. As a clergyman and a community activist, Dr. Isata Mahoi is a shining example of moral leadership, persistently advancing the cause of a fairer society throughout all of Africa, not just in Sierra Leone. Because of her unwavering commitment to promoting social inclusion and gender equality, Dr. Isata Mahoi is a true luminary; her unwavering efforts have left an enduring mark on the geography of Africa and beyond, inspiring massive change and accelerating progress.

34. Dr Nombasa Tsengwa

Dr Nombasa Tsengwa’s appointment as CEO of Exxaro in August 2022 marks a significant milestone, reflecting a positive shift towards diversity and empowering of women in the mining sector. She was born in the small village of Ntshatshongo, Idutywa in the Eastern Cape. She completed both her master’s degree in plant physiology at Eastern Illinois University and her PhD in Agronomy at the University of Maryland, in the United States of America. Opening up about her upbringing, she aligns her success with discipline, hard work, and determination.

Dr. Nombasa Tsengwa boasts over 19 years of executive management and board experience across the public and private sectors, establishing herself as one of the most dedicated leaders in the industry. Her journey began with her appointment as Acting Executive Head of Coal Operations in 2016 and subsequently as Executive Head of Coal Operations in July 2016, before taking on the role of MD for Minerals in July 2020.

Dr. Nombasa’s profound impact and achievements are clearly demonstrated through her exceptional leadership within Exxaro’s coal business, recognized as the growth engine of the company, consistently delivering unparalleled value to stakeholders. Over the past 9 years, she has brought forth innovative ideas, strategic vision, and unwavering dedication, elevating the credibility, contributions, and prominence of Exxaro in the mining sector.

Under her guidance, Exxaro has strategically increased its geographical reach while honing its project, cost, and capital management proficiency. Notably, the company allocated over R17 billion to growth capex and maintained an impressive average ROCE of 25% since 2017. Recognitions of her remarkable achievements include the prestigious Standard Bank Business Woman of the Year Award in 2017 and the Africa’s Most Influential Woman in Business and Government – Mining Industry Category at the Pan African Awards in 2018.

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Nombasa, an avid long-distance runner, has successfully completed 9 Comrades marathons. As the CEO of Exxaro Resources, a prominent South African mining and renewable energy solutions company, Dr. Nombasa is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth among the Executive leadership team. She navigates the complex landscape of shareholder expectations, staff engagement, customer satisfaction, community partnerships, and broader stakeholder interests with a keen focus on ethical and strategic decision-making.

35. Sumaya Moallim Osman

Sumaya Moallim Osman is the founder, Amina Foundation. She is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment and education. With a diverse background in both Kenya and India, she has dedicated her life to making a positive impact in the lives of women and girls.

The Amina Foundation was established to provide essential skills training to women, including tailoring, henna art, and basic education. With a mission is to empower women to become self-reliant, confident, and economically independent.

As a volunteer, Sumaya engages in community outreach programs, supporting vulnerable populations and promoting gender equality. Her work involves organizing workshops, awareness campaigns, and skill-building sessions.

Sumaya Moallim Osman foundation has trained over 500 women in tailoring skills, enabling them to generate income and contribute to their families’ well-being. She has implemented literacy and numeracy programs, empowering women with essential life skills. Sumaya’s vision is to see every woman equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in life.


Dr. Hidiat Simbo Popoola is an accomplished and versatile serial entrepreneur, author, writer, speaker and coach. She is widely recognized for her transformational leadership. She is currently serving at Intelligence Era Group of Companies, Dakar Senegal, as the ED, Corporate Affairs, Competence & Capacity Development. Dr. Popoola’s leadership career spanned over 22 years. Marked by unwavering dedication to service, customer centricity, and the cultivation of value-based business relationships.

Her distinctive perspective on propelling business towards innovation and growth is accomplished by her extensive project management experience, which have played a major role in her success as a seasoned business leader. With her background in the field of science, precisely Applied Chemistry, she has worked in a couple of pharmaceutical companies before moving into the telecommunication industry.

She is a certified Les Brown Motivational Speaker. She holds an MBA in Business Administration and an Executive MBA in Finance from London Business. She is a trained executive in Business Innovation & Growth, and a honorary Ph.D. holder in Christian Leadership from Cornerstone Christian University, Atlanta, Gorgia. USA.

Dr. Simbo Popoola is a John C. Maxwell trained Leadership Coach and Trainer, an expert in DISC profiling, empowerment queen and a philanthropist. She is the Founder and the Head of Training & Development at Excellent Leadership Impact Consulting. She helps her clients discover their superpowers, gain perspectives to navigate their limiting beliefs, so they can successfully connect, impact, and influence their world.

She has sponsored many transformation tables as a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach and Youth facilitator. She has used her platform to inspire more than 300 youths across the globe.
Due to her grassroot support for women, in 2022, her community nominated her to pair with the Principal candidate; Dr. Oluwole Oluyede (The governorship Candidate) to run for an electioneering post in Ekiti State as a Deputy Governorship candidate under the banner of ADC (African Democratic Congress) in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The experience she garnered was marked by remarkable efforts to mobilize women and galvanize their interest in politics.

Her relentless efforts resulted in a large number of Ekiti women actively engaging in political discourse and having their voices heard on a larger platform. For her resilience and credibility at the election and the support for youth agenda and programs, she was installed into The Ekiti Future hall of Fame in February, 2024. Ever since her encounter during the campaign, the need to continually fight for the rights and empowerment of women is evident. Consequently, the manifestation of SHERO Impact. She translated the experience she gathered from different encounters she had with women into a platform that would help them to freely express themselves, provide education on self-development, initiate growth plans, build inner strength to face the future ahead.

Dr. Simbo Popoola is the incredible Executive Director of SHERO Impact, a groundbreaking social enterprise that aims to tackle the women leadership gap head on. With their focus on building confidence and capabilities in women, they are empowering them to reach new heights and break through the glass ceiling all the way up to the C-Suite!

SHERO Impact is deeply committed to inspiring and motivating African youth towards excellence, impact, and success through mini-course training and inspirational quotes, initiatives on social, moral and cultural programs to build us as a people and as a nation. She is a true champion of female empowerment, an advocate for leaving behind lasting legacies and a generous philanthropist. Her strong conviction that women can reach their full potential with the right education, resources and opportunities can unleash their true potential has been nothing short of inspirational.

Her expertise extends across various domains, including being a trained Self Mastery Coach, DISC consultant, and Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Youth Coach & Facilitator, Professional Chef and Heal Enthusiast. She owns 2 Bakery outlets in Dakar Senegal; Foodoodly Bakery and Africanability Cakes & Catering. She has spoken on several platforms and has received awards for her contributions and impact. The recent one being the “Leadership Excellence ” by John Ughulu Foundation. Inc Gorgia, USA.

She believes with the right mindset, equal opportunities, and common playing field, wealth could be distributed and SDGs NO 1 goal (NO POVERTY) would be a reality. Her remarkable content contribution and books in the field of self development did not go unnoticed too.

Family plays an integral role in Dr. Popoola’s life, and she is supported by her loving husband, Ayoola Martin Popoola, and their four remarkable children: Esther, Jordan, Paddy and Elizabeth.
Other awards received to her name are: “Best Supportive Female Corps Member” during her service year with NYSC in Nigeria in 2001, the “Women of Impact Award” from Intelligence Era, “Pitch -like-King Award” from Informa Academy in the UK, and the title of “Best student Overall from Word of Faith Bible Institute In LCC in 2016.

As an accomplished author , Dr. Popool has co-authored many books including “Women of the Power Voice”, “Queen Esther’s Royal Code”, “The Purge”. She has written many publications on social media including the “Medium” and also an e-book titled “Mind Matters”. She maintains affiliations with notable organizations such as the Power Voice Academy in the USA, SeneDrone in Senegal and The Nid Orphanage in Senegal. And currently serves as a global ambassador for Beauty for Ashes Global Women’s Ministry.

37. Dr. Vongai Nyahunzvi MSc. (Occ. Psych.), BSc. Hon (Psych.), MCIPD, DBA

Vongai is a global renowned leadership expert, Executive Coach and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience of working with leaders from both the public and private sectors. Her work spans across 4 continents (over 48 countries). Her expertise is working with the most senior leaders in organizations such as Chief Executives, Director Generals, Portfolio Ministers, Heads of UN agencies, Professors, Vice Chancellors and Managing Directors. Her work has included clients in the fields of business, finance, education, law, medicine, government and non-profit organizations.

Vongai is well known for helping very senior leaders think clearly, strategically and practically. She supports them in facing big challenges and pressing significant issues. She is often called to coach individuals facing their most difficult leadership challenges. She works together with her clients to find new, innovative solutions, resolve conflicts and to make decisions with greater confidence. She helps leaders move with sure-footed action towards new possibilities for their future. Vongai has an extensive track record of building strong relationships, trust, and engagement at all levels. With over two decades of experience spanning Africa and other continents, Vongai led the expansion of education leadership opportunities across Africa, growing from presence in three countries to ten countries with a pipeline of 17 countries to be added in the coming months.

In 2016, She launched a monthly roundtable to address the need for leadership development with CEO’s in London. She is also the Founder of Global Leadership Awards (UK Based) which brings together senior leaders from across the globe. As an Executive Coach, her coaching provides the means for leaders to think afresh about what is important in their organizations, their teams and their lives. As a leadership strategist, her passion is to help organizations build internal systems for accelerated and sustainable leadership development. As a result of her exceptional leadership, Vongai served as part of the UN faculty, being one of the youngest persons to do so. As an author, she has written a number of books and articles on leadership development. Some of her books are; Lead don’t Self sabotage, Leadership Syndromes – Identifying the self-sabotaging behavior patterns that can derail your effectiveness as a leader and Leading from within-Shifting perspectives on leadership. She has been a guest lecturer on MBA programs at universities such as Royal Holloway University and London South Bank University.

In 2023, Vongai set up the Alliance for Women and Girls – an organization that is cultivating leadership at all levels to support organizations and leaders who are working on issues affecting women and girls on the African continent. AFWAG is one of the few organizations that is exploring leadership as a lever for catalyzing change and working to actualize this through its various programs. International Work Exposure Vongai has facilitated and led leadership development work in countries such as: Africa Americas Europe Asia Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Wsatini, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone; Canada; Mexico; Panama; United states; Australia; New Zealand; Colombia; Peru; Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Isle of Man; Italy; Latvia; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; russia; Afghanistan; Armenia; Bangladesh; Cambodia; India; Israel; Japan; Malaysia; Mongolia; Nepal; Pakistan; Philippines; Singapore; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; Somalia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe Slovakia; Sweden; Romania; United Kingdom.

Dr. Vongai Nyahunzvi is the Founder and CEO, Alliance for Women and Girls and Head of Africa Region, Teach for All. She is a recipient of many awards, both local and international.

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